G-String Bikini

Remember all the buzz and excitement that went around when the g-string came out? Well now that it's out in bikini form, the g-string is creating that same buzz again. Pretty impressive reaction for a strategically placed piece of string, right?

The g-string, for those who don't know, offers the least amount of coverage in the back than any other bikini bottom style. With less fabric than a thong, the g-string is really quite string-like in its design. It's also been called the t-back because of the resulting shape. Really, this style is just a thin strip of fabric that goes between the cheeks and connects up to the narrow side straps. Minimal rear coverage and a whole lot of bare skin. A nice option for those who despise tan lines, no? So if you have nice assets, the g-string bikini is a great alternative to wearing the average bikini bottom. Plus there's the added benefit of getting more Vitamin D.

Really, there's no reason to by shy with this style. Like thong bikinis, it's actually another popular option on beaches worldwide. Ladies are certainly embracing the freedom that comes with wearing the g-string bikini. Sure this style may require a few pre-beach lunges and squats but as long as you have the confidence to wear one, that's all that's really needed to rock this style. That and a bikini wax. Never forget to wax before heading to the beach! No doubt the g-string bikini attracts a lot of attention, so just make sure heads are turning your way for the right reasons. Let's avoid the embarrassment of a public faux-pas, OK?