Thong Bikini

The thong bikini has a been a fairly popular trend on the swimwear scene. For the past few years, this little bikini style has been making a splash on beaches all around the world. The bikini first started out with a bottom that gave full coverage in the back - they sat high up on the waist and completely covered your tush. Fast forward a few years and the waistline has dropped lower but coverage is still at a max. Fast forward another few years and there's now a Brazilian style that skims some of that fabric off the back to let you show off some of that tush. Fast forward again and now you have the thong bikini – much less fabric and a lot more skin! The front of the thong usually offers the same amount of coverage as any other bikini bottom. The back, however, has a thin strip of fabric that widens at the top and is attached to slim side straps. The overall look is, well, cheeky.

The thong bikini leaves very little to the imagination - you're pretty much baring it all. If you hate tan lines, hate getting wedgies in your regular bikini bottom or just want to get some sun on those cheeks, the thong bikini is the answer. And really, if you have great assets, why not show it off? Slip one on the next time you hit the beach or lay out by the pool and revel in the attention!

There's no doubting the popularity of the thong bikini. These bikinis are being seen on beaches all over Europe, Australia and the Caribbean where beach-goers are a lot more carefree. The thong bikini comes with a whole lot of sex appeal so if you're feeling sexy and confident, definitely give this trend a try!